PHP Admin Panel generator

PHP Admin Panel generator 4.0.0

Generate a PHP Admin Panel (database and files management) in minutes with just a simple configuration.

Create your administration panel in minutes with the PHP Admin Panel framework

After you create your application you also need to create your administration panel. Now you can only configure your admin panel. After you install the framework you can create your first admin section in minutes. Just set the main table and a list of fields that you want to manage. You can also upload files, manage photos (resize, crop, rotate, watermark) and a lot more. Some of the features:

* Autocomplete for your textfields

* Custom autosave forms settings

* Special roles and privileges for your users

* Private messages between your users

* Database mass update (update an entire table with few clicks)

* Custom notification system

* Smarty template system and PDO Database integration

* Generate graphics of your records

* Backup your database with one click

You have endless possibilities! You can use your own code and extend the framework however you like. The application is OOP, with PDO and was designed to be extended.

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PHP Admin Panel generator

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PHP Admin Panel generator 4.0.0

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